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Rear outboard brakes

Posted: Fri Oct 21, 2005 2:09 am
by Jose_76
I think everybody's thought about doing this modification in his car, but the fact is that I haven't found many info about the process.

I'm interested in fitting rear calipers from a 155 or 147 and bigger vented discs matching the GTA fronts (I think the rear inboard discs could touch the DeDion triangle on bumps). Has anybody pictures of the process? Parts needed?

Posted: Fri Oct 21, 2005 9:36 am
75 V6 Front brakes at the dedion, hydraulic handbrake, wilwood adjuster, gta 305mm 4pot brembo front, 25.4mm BMW master,

Posted: Fri Oct 21, 2005 10:05 am
by Andrew.b
Very nice Lenz

Looking at the welding on the dedion, have you cut and shut for neg camber??

Posted: Fri Oct 21, 2005 10:53 am
Thanks Andrew, extra camber and a little toe in.

Posted: Fri Oct 21, 2005 11:33 am
by Jose_76
Thanks Lenz!
A very clean and nice job!!! :wink:


Posted: Fri Oct 21, 2005 1:04 pm
by MD

Having done this excellent work, it would be really worth while to know in actual stopping distance how much of an improvement over the orignal system the new set up really is.

Posted: Fri Oct 21, 2005 1:36 pm
MD I doubt it that the stopping distance has improved at lot. At least i wasnt expecting it.
and this wasn;t the reason for changing to outboard brakes.
For a streetcar this mod is a waste of time and money, but so are a lot more changes i made to my car.
Before the upgrade my brakes would start to fade after half an hour of track time (ate racing blue and pagid) and i would have to bleed the brakes, but that no longer is a problem
Brake and gearbox temperature go down quit a bit.
Working on the brakes is so much easier now.

Posted: Sat Oct 22, 2005 9:55 am
by Zamani
Wow Lenz, your Milano is pretty much the ultimate Milano. Tasteful upgrades everywhere.

Posted: Sat Oct 22, 2005 12:57 pm
by Mats
I have to agree, beatiful.

Thumbs up!

Posted: Sun Oct 23, 2005 10:08 pm
by Giulietta24vTT
WOW!, very very nice job here Lenz!!!
I'm planting the rear stock calipers (with SZ-like spacers inside them) outboard on a 156 V6s front discs (22\284), this way I can still use the mechanical handbrake (with some changes to the cable puller),
will post pictures when ready.

Posted: Mon Oct 24, 2005 7:49 am
by ar4me
I can see you have the RS Racing shock mounted upside-down to save unsprung weight. I understand the benefit from that, but for a street car I wonder if it makes sense as there is a significant risk of pitting the shaft and hereby ruining the shock. Any thoughts? I also have it mounted upside-down on my street verde, but am considering re-mounting it the other way to eliminate that risk.

Sorry for the divergence on topic :oops: