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Knipex Tools

Post by Zamani »

I don't have these yet, but will get one in the next few days

Video comparison of the Knipex vs Irwin. I think for car enthusiast, the hardened teeth of the cobras are a must. I don't think the Irwins will last.

Check out this youtube review:

Another review: ... k-killers/
Dr. Alban
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Re: Knipex Tools

Post by 105gta. »

I can certainly recommend knipex, the multigrip pliers featured hear are the exact same pair I have. I'm a mechanic and have been using the same pair for 15 yrs. still going strong!
You won't be disappointed. If I remeber I'll take a pic of the jaws on mine after a solid 15yrs of daily use from just holding hot things(welders best friend!) to undoing broken studs etc...
all the knipex stuff is awesome. My large side cutters still cut a single strand of wire (yes the edges actually line up) and have not lost their sharpness also 15yrs old.
Good gear and well worth the money.
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