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Formula 1 2016.

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Well it looks like this could be the year Ferrari wrestle the world title back from the Silver Arrows. Such a pity they opted to keep Seb on the Super Soft's after the red flag incident with Alonso.

That was a scary accident. To think a decade or so ago and we would have being reading Alonso's obituary instead of celebrating the fact that he is still with us. :shock:

His accident almost reminded me of the one that claimed Gilles life back in 1982 when he clipped the back of Jochen Mass's car on that last banzai qualifying lap at Zolder.

So what do you guys think about a possible return of our beloved Alfa Romeo to F1 ? Personally I was hoping they would allow Alfa to compete in the LMP1 class in the WEC against Porsche , Audi and Toyota. A Le Mans victory for Alfa would be just the tonic the brand needs right now considering the 4C and the new Gulia are just the kind of cars needed to keep the sporting image alive and kicking.

Next step, I hope, will be a new GTV replacement.
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