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South African green paint colour

Posted: Fri Jun 23, 2017 12:53 pm
by Puglav
Hello All,

A couple of years ago I purchased this green South African GTV6 and the time has come to start down the restoration path.
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I'm trying to identify whether this was the original shade of green on the car.

On my car there are signs of a darker shade of Olive Green beneath the top coat where a couple of very small sections have peeled and that made me think that mine had been resprayed the lighter shade of green over the top during its life.

Trouble is, searching the internet for pictures of green South African GTV6's has produced more pictures of light green GTV6s like mine than it has darker Olive Green ones.

Did the other owners all have the same idea as my car's owner and spray theirs the same shade? I don't think they're all pictures of my car in South Africa, though I suppose that's possible but highly unlikely.

Alternatively, were there were actually two shades of green from new in South Africa in the '80s?

Researching colours on the internet has produced very few results - I've followed the links from this site and the most I've gleaned is the Glasurit website that recognises an Olive Green Metallic for 1985 Alfas in the RSA, but lists no code for that colour.

I know that in the '80s the cars were being assembled in South Africa, what I don't know is whether there was any flexibility in ordering different paint shades. Were the bodyshells supplied to RSA complete and ready painted by Alfa, or were they fully assembled in RSA and then sprayed? As far as I know green was never offered on GTV6's anywhere other than South Africa and I would like to have mine repainted its original colour.

Can anybody help identify whether the colour of mine was offered from new in South Africa? Does anybody have a green GTV6 they can identify the paint codes on and publish them please?

Many thanks in advance.