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Broken (snapped) door handle

Post by SydneyJules »

So, the new door seals were so good, the passenger door handle snapped in half when I tried to open my door the other day.
I've bought a new handle, and I'm wondering if anyone has ever dismantled one to change the locks over.

It looks like some drilling of rivets is required - can anyone shed any light on this for me, before I ruin my parts?!

Fixing it bit by bit....
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Re: Broken (snapped) door handle

Post by kevin »

You can take the handle to pieces but the problem is the barrel is pressed with two pins sticking through another plastic section . I have often glued these back when someone has forced the key in the barrel but not always successfully. I will take some pics of a handle I have in pieces .
If you have a new handle just get another key set made. Do you have guys who cut digital keys near you .
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