Alfa Romeo GTV6 3.0 liter

Alfa GTV6 - 3 liter This particular GTV6 has been modified by the addition of an aerodynamic kit. It appeared to be very well installed when I saw it. 

The GTV6 3 liter was built in South Africa in the early 80's. It was built in order to keep the GTV6 competitive against the BMW 535 in the SA saloon car racing series. The BMW displaced 3.5 liters in comparison to the standard GTV6's 2.5 liter engine. Alfa Romeo South Africa approached Milan about a possible solution. 

 Arrangements were made for Alfa Romeo SA to take over an Autodelta project which increased the engine size to 3.0 liters. 200 of the GTV6 3.0 liter cars were made for homologation into the saloon car series. The modifications increased both the bore and stroke, which required different cylinder head castings, crankshaft, pistons and sleeves, and larger valves. The stock Bosch L-Jetronic injection system was replaced with the 6 carburetter setup from the big six saloon. A bonnet with an even larger bulge was needed (to accommodate the carbs and air cleaner) - this also had a large forward facing NACA air intake duct. The car also had a deeper front spoiler fitted which lowered the radiator temp by 5 degrees C. Other changes were a lowered and stiffened suspension and wider Pirelli P7's (205/50 VR 15's) on Compomotive sectional alloy rims. 

It was a very successful car - and held the title of the fastest locally produced car in South Africa until Alfa Romeo left South Africa in 1985.