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By tom on Unrecorded Date:

How much do you think a Calloway twin turbo is worth in very good condition and only 45K miles?

By hotcams on Unrecorded Date:

I have no idea but I would throw down at least $10,000 for it right now and I would guess it's "worth" $15-25k

By gtv5owner on Unrecorded Date:

I purchased mine for $12,500 six months ago. Has a few minor problems (second gear sycho when cold, paint needing done, needed new speakers, needs new air cond compressor, minor rust on one of the sunroof drain tubes). When I bought mine there was one other one for sale that the owner wanted $17,000 for and I think he got close to it. I also know of one other sale for $18,000 but this was Stuart's at Alfa Performance Connection and was in excellent shape. All three had about the same miles on them (50-60K). So if the one you are looking at (or looking to sell) is in perfect condition 17-18k seems about the market price.

By Sandro Tiraba on Unrecorded Date:

I am interessed in a conversion like the callaway twin turbo or a supercharger that fits the v6 engine to buy does anyone know where i can get some of these ???

By Justin on Unrecorded Date:


I read in a magazine that Callaway expected to sell 100-200 pieces per year of their upgraded version. As Alfa in Milano didn't support to much their project, I'm interested to know how many Callaway are on this planet? How many did come to Europe?

Cu, Justin

By Brian Beckham on Unrecorded Date:

Callaway manufactured 33 cars and 2 prototypes that were also sold. Of these cars I have heard of 2 that have been totaled beyond repair and destroyed. I don't have any data on any going to Europe. I have tracked down a few (about 4) here in the states, but I am not sure if most of the owners ever check on the digest or this page. Callaway has a regestry on their web site but Mr. Callaway stated that as of about 6 weeks ago only 6 had registered their cars.

By Cameron Rochford on Unrecorded Date:

In was wondering if any one knew how much a callaway gtv6 2.5l twin turbo conversion would be and where I could get it done or a contact, number,website or address?
Cameron, Syd Australia.

By euroxpress on Unrecorded Date:

Should be able to have it done for around 10-12K, anymore than that and your paying too much!

Did you want the actual Callaway parts? Or just a TT conversion? Seeing that your in Sydney, give Autosprint a call! They will give you a quote.

By Julian on Unrecorded Date:

I dunno Euro- I mean youre talking stock pistons, and Like Ive said before- you can do it, but It is sketchy ground.

NOt many shops will give a solid quote for something like a TT conversion- I mean name a factory TT car that shows up for less than 40K!!!

Variables and trouble my friend- we're not talking about putting an exhaust on a stock Rexy- its not routine for a shop to do a TT!

It is always cheaper to use a stock, mass produced part than a custom one, right?

An intercooler like the callaway's with twin entry feeding into the plenum would set you back at least two grand with pipes to get made up.

I know for a fact Autosprint could build you a TT 2.5 or 3.0, but I'd wager that the pipework/cooler/exhaust manifolds would cost you up around $5000 on its own- Add turbos, injectors, ECU, fuel system, labour, Exhaust That's what Im saying about stuff like this-

you dont have the economies of scale that a manufacturer can achieve, and it costs you because youre doing a one off job! The labour is huge- no mechanic works for free.

I recommend anyone wanting to turbo stuff on a budget that is truly tight, are best to do what Im doing with my TS. Take your time and make it work! I want min. 400hp- that's my MINIMUM!

By a dunger 3.0, and get it rebuilt with forgies first off, and make your motor a medium comp 400hp monster, Rather than a 300hp 2.5 that blows headgaskets everytime it gets a bit hot and humid!

I dont want to discourage you at all guys- its just SOOOOOOO much harder than you think.

By Chip on Unrecorded Date:

a while back I got a quote from a shop that
specializes in turbo conversions (mostly
NSXs). They wanted aprox. $10,000 but
couldn't promise it wouldn't end up quite a bit
more than that.

You're looking at like $2000 for the pair of
turbos, $1500-2000 for programable fuel
management, $1000 for an intercooler,
another $1000 in engine parts... plus all the
labor, which will probably end up being more
than the cost for the parts.

Some day ;-)


By Julian on Unrecorded Date:

Hell yeah Someday!

When I have enough cash to put it all together with a Heyland in the arse, because if I get that much power under my right foot I dont wanna be driving it sedately- I wanna drop it, and hang the arse out, and be a dickhead-

and still pull quick lap times!

By Ben Bishop on Unrecorded Date:

Erm Jules, the hewland boxes WILL NOT FIT...the cluster hangs out the back of the diff housing. Now..a more suitable box would be the porsche 928 unit (assuming you could fing a decent diff ratio for one.there like, with a solid driveshaft in a torquetube joining the back of the motor to the gbox, with a clutch at the engine end.... The porker box handled the 5.7 litre GT versions with no problem, but my friend complains about the slow shifting...he hasn't been driving manuals for long....
Anyway... with taking into account the work in fabbing the torquetube assembly, buying the gearbox and lightening the gears and a short ratio diff centre, it will wind up costing less than just the hewland box. Of course, either way you gotta fuck around to get back brakes again...unless you happen to own one of the works adjustable de dion beams with the outboard brakes....
Anyway...once you turbo it and actually start breaking g.boxes instead of just talking about it...then is the time to worry about the gearbox, not before....

(contemplating a SR20DET powered rwd Alfa don't ask...)

By Zamani on Unrecorded Date:


Get parts from Australia or other places. Actually my friend got a Mitsubishi EVO 6 look-alike intercooler, almost same quality as the original for US$150 for his 146 Boxer 1.7 16V Turbo.

Turbo headers are easier to make the NA ones. Don't have to pay too much attention to equal length if you're not interested in every single possible bhp.

Autronic US$1600
Turbo manifold $700
Turbo exhaust piping $500
Intercooler $300
Intercooler piping $200
Hoses for intercooler $100
BOV $300
Used 2X GT17/GT25 turbos on ebay US$500
oil cooler US$100
dyno time $300

I think you can create a 2.5 TT with about 10 psi of boost for about $6K including engine (assuming you have a good engine). If you can have the turbo manifold and downpipes fabricated, the others are not too difficult to do, assuming you don't do any internal work.

Although I would have the engine re-ringed with one Total seal ring per cylinder.

By Julian on Unrecorded Date:

Oil cooler is about $245...

Yeah Ben, a Hewland wont fit if you want to keep it a roadcar...

By euroxpress on Unrecorded Date:

But Jules why is it sketchy?

I mean if alot of effort went into a good TT conversion, it should perform well..? Do you think its a waste of time?

By Zamani on Unrecorded Date:

euro are the turbo manifolds done?

By euroxpress on Unrecorded Date:

No Zamani, unfortunatley not.

By euroxpress on Unrecorded Date:

No Zamani, unfortunatley not.

By Fernando on Unrecorded Date:

Why don't those of you wanting to twin your GTV 6's contact Glenwood Motors of South Africa ? I mean our Rand is so bloody cheap compared to the U.S or Aus Dollar right now.1 U.S Dollar will get you R11.Glenwood qouted me about R60 000 to twin my 3.0litre,this is twice what I paid for my GTV6.I have been taken for a drive in his 550b.h.p monster and all I can say is it's awsome.

By GTV6GP on Unrecorded Date:

hey guys i'v been looking up a cheap way to get a alfa v6 a bit more balls and more fun to drive

dont go mad just be happy, dont push ur wallet and run low boost 6psi, and u can stay stock.

supercharge it keep it simple, u will get 200hp easy. with hardly nothing to mod.

send me pictures, if you've done somthing like this. pass on ur ideas on simple easy setups

By Julian on Unrecorded Date:

HeyEuro- Its just the comp ratio is fairly up there for any serious boost on pump fuel, and without the piston crown being fairly thick, detonation can be catastrophic if the setup isnt right- and without the boost you wont get the torque or the top end youre after!

GTV6GP- although supercharging is forced induction (and therefore good!) it doesnt really suit the Alfa Motors in its most basic forms (ie roots blowers will not work well, however a centrifugal one will do a better job). Turbos are power for free when done properly- not torque robbing belt-driven blowers.

It is most definitely not a waste of time- it is easily the most powerful mod that can be done to any motor- if done right. Im just saying dont underestimate how much it will cost you- an ill advised budget is what breeds complacency in a job of such work- when you realise how much it will actually cost, you start to get annoyed at it all. I did with my TS.
Always budget more than what you expect mate! For a TT 2.5 I would budget 18k to be on the safe side and that would hopefully get 400hp at about 15psi - 6500rpm redline, stock rods, pistons, and peak torque at about 3500rpm... using factory based turbos and v good pipework!

By GTV6GP on Unrecorded Date:

hi julian
what do u base you views on superchargers not being good for alfa engines...

good luck with all the shit you have to get done to run turbos

By Brian H. on Unrecorded Date:

Some of it just comes down to what you favor...

By Julian on Unrecorded Date:


Supercharging is great when you are talking about an inherently torquey design, which is why Holden finally clicked and said yes to the blown Commy 3.8- and yes, the alfas, especially the sixes are oversquare and make great usable torque for their size, but when you move to something like a long stroke V8, then supercharging makes more sense, because you now have a sizeable amount of grunt with which to spin a compressor, and the losses are less felt through the rev range.

Even with a centrifugal blower, which uses tip speed to create boost (more like a turbo), motors like ours, that like to rev, are simply impeded by having to spin yet another accessory off the crank.

Its completely different when youre talking about nigh on 6 litres worth of iron whose reciprocating mass is quite large, and whose inherent design leads to an unwillingness to rev- you need to cram more air in there, hence fit an air pump- and the roots blower is exactly that, displacing a given volume of air per revolution. Good for torque, shit for revs and proper, cool boost.
Dont get a mercedes blower (SLK) and put it on your TS like someone I know who is trying to convince me it will work. It will suck. You'll lose torque off idle to create boost, and will receive a surge of midrange torque, followed by a petering off up top as the boost cannot feed the revving motor the air it needs.

They also require a fair whack of stuffing around too. You see American companies (no offence to anybody on this site- you are all intelligent people of good taste from what I can read!) are great at marketing, and will market their "Kits" as though there is nothing else with them needed. Truth be it that they are corner cutting- with claims like "No Intercooler needed" and "No engine Management changes needed", etc anyone in the industry that actually works in REAL performance circles will point out every little bit wrong with such kits- and though they may work, they dont do so properly- forcing compressed air into a motor with dodgy fuel enrichment, and timing curves optimised for naturally aspirated operation is a recipe for disaster.

To do an aftermarket jobby on an alfa will still require: Piping, management changes, fuel system work (lots),intercooling (hopefully), custom brackets and possibly cooling measures too.

Internal changes are the same for turbocharging if you intend to make proper power.

Aftermarket supercharger and brackets/pulleys and belts costs: $2500 approx

400hp Turbocharger and manifold: $2500 approx.

Why spend nearly the same amount of cash, stuffing around pretty much, just as much, with nearly identical ancillaries and make less power and torque?

Paul Kretsas' Alfetta GT (2000 gallery 5, silver) pulled 200hp at wheels on 18psi boost with a centrifugal blower on a 1.8- now has 260 at the tyres with a large trim GT25, and he doesnt have to change pulleys eerytime he wants to change boost!

By Julian on Unrecorded Date:

But a centrifugally blown 12v 3.0, with 8:1 comp, big cooler and BOV, running exposed cambelts and gilmer drives (make that whining noise) in a GTV with no bumpers, and big, fat flared guards, cage, two buckets, red carpet, mean bonnet venting, and a plate like:


Yeah I could handle that!

By euroxpress on Unrecorded Date:

Wicked Jules, take dat!!

By Julian on Unrecorded Date:

I also just read that all these US BMW blower kits use manifold pressure activation on their extra injectors! Where's the precision in that? That is SHIT! Just squirt it down the throttle body and hope it distributes evenly throughout six inlet runners?!

My BMW mates think its ridiculous to use a Blower on a straight six BMW- they get so much more torque with their TD06 E30 conversions from early on in the rev range- good manifolds, and good tuning. Anyway I ll shut up now!!

By Mats on Unrecorded Date:

Hey Julian, Check out this link for som primitive mods:

It's my, err.. a friend of mines Saab 900 Turbo ;)
Pretty damn quick tough, kicks a lot of ass regularly. To call it an Underdog would probably be the understatement of the year...

Be sure to check out the installation of the extra cold-start injectors on the pipe from the IC to the throttle, almost production like installation :D


By Zamani on Unrecorded Date:


My friend's 146 1.7 16V Boxer Turbo (TDO4L) also uses the extra injector and pressure trigger switch. The car is fast though.... it will see off a Mitsubishi VR-4 Turbo. He's using a Mitsu EVO 5 intercooler. BTW, isn't TDO6 a little big for an E30 320i?

If I can get Autronic running properly in my car this next 2 weeks, I will go for another system in a force fed Milano or 164 3.0.

Did I mention that Jeroen Boer's 75 Turbo has about 400-450 bhp? Fantastic!

By Julian on Unrecorded Date:

Went for a drive in Pauls GT today-


That's all I have to say-

well built, torquey motor revving to 7500 under boost- it spins up quick and just builds speed. Great.

By euroxpress on Unrecorded Date:

Wicked! Who did the work Julian? Garth

By Julian on Unrecorded Date:

My mechanic did it- Autosprint performance.

Cant believe how well it went for a 1.8.

Fuckin cool man- I want a hairdryer!

By Zamani on Unrecorded Date:


Is this the same car on HITman's page? Is this the car?

I think I also read somewhere that Autosprint had an Alfetta GT Turbo project with big calipers? Same car with hair dryers insted of a hamster wheel (supercharger).

new terms:
hair dryer, snails : turbos
hamster wheel: supercharger

By euroxpress on Unrecorded Date:

"Hampster Wheel!" Hahahahahahahaha! Funny Zamani. I think I started that slang..? Hehe

So Jules, your car is on the road now?

By Julian on Unrecorded Date:

Hamster Wheel!!!! AHAHAHA

Yeah its the same car but now with an Escargot of nice proportions hanging off some Fucking horn pipes Joe Beninca put together. You little bloody ripper I say!

Well Sort of Euro....

You got Two grand you can chip in?!

Just gotta pay for it pretty much- put bonnet and bodykit back on, then she'll be out.

Heard of a brilliant GTV6 for sale:

THE Andalusia show car, the one that playboy photo'd, with a worked 3.0 (Supposed 280hp- would have much more torque than my 2.5) and Randall Perkins Suspension kits, Recaro interior, bare metal respray in Capa Bianco White, re-powder-coated window frames, Limo Diff, Ronal A1 Rims.

$22,000 AUD.

Now yes, it is the most expensive GTV6 Ive ever seen (that's still $11,000 USD!),

BUT: It was an Alfa Approved Show car, and now has some serious nuts to go with the history- All youd need is some serious Brakes and some Simmons Dished 17" Rims.

Then Id drop smokeshows left, right and centre (yeah in front of all your houses!)

By dp on Unrecorded Date:

What are simmons dished wheels? Is there a website for reference? Sounds like a perfect car!

By Julian on Unrecorded Date:

Scroll down to the pictures of the turbo E36 M3, and look at the last one- look at the rears- they are the OM simmons wheel (18x10.5"!!)
Nice early RX7

I just love the look of them- they are nothing over the top and have simply, but extremely pleasing (to me) aesthetics!

By euroxpress on Unrecorded Date:

Jules! You can come and tear my driveway up anytime! Hahaha

That GTV6 sounds amazing! I'd be buying it right now! If I had the funds, lol

By Anonymous on Unrecorded Date:

What do you think of this? Kinesis wheel.


By Greg Gordon on Unrecorded Date:

I like the way it looks! Of course I like the stock wheels too and it seems I am the only one who does so I am not sure my opinion counts here.

By euroxpress on Unrecorded Date:

Yeah nice rims, wouldnt mind those at all!

What size are they?

Q:Who has the biggest rims on this forum for their Alfa?

By Julian on Unrecorded Date:


Do they make them in four bolt?

By euroxpress on Unrecorded Date:

4 bolt?

Thought you had a GTV6?

Now whose got the biggest?

By george on Unrecorded Date:

Hey.they really look good i thought they were BBS wheels, obviously not.

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