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By Russ Krebs (86gtv6) on Unrecorded Date:

My 1986 GTV6 has a problem with the manual sun roof. A small plastic piece (one located on either side of the sun roof) that positions and holds the sun roof in the closed position, is broken. As a result, I have had to wedge a small piece of wood between the roof and the sun roof to keep the passenger side of the sun roof from sagging down. Does anyone know of the manufacturer of these sun roof units, and if replacement parts are available? Has anyone experienced a similar failure and been able to successfully repair it?

By Arni Isberg on Unrecorded Date:

Talk to Dianna Rivera (Marnal Corporation in Calafornia) She could have one of the 6 plastic pieces.

By David Bates (David) on Unrecorded Date:

I'm way late to help on this but have recently been in touch with Centerline and they reckon they will have a full set of those pieces for me shortly as well as a handle for the inside.

However they cannot help with the weatherseal...can anyone assist with locating that? What I want is the black neoprene section.

I addition I am trying to locate a set of the neoprene seals that fit under the electric mirrors.

Any ideas?


By Jack Hackler on Unrecorded Date:

Russ Krebs, I had the same problem with the
sunroof handle on my '84GTV6. I solved it by
taking two ivory switch plates (the ones with the
large rectangular opening), cutting them to the
proper length and epoxying them together. I
reinforced the glue joint with steel finishing
nails. After sanding, I painted to match the
handle. Works well, looks good, costs li

By David Bates (David) on Unrecorded Date:

Further to my much earlier query on sunroof parts. Centerline have advised they cannot obtain the parts I need so I am back on the search trail. Has anyone any idea where to look for the black neoprene seal that fits to the sliding panel..I think it may be actually 2 halves. I have located the outer seal which fits on the roof (in New Zealand...this net is a wonderful thing!) but I am hitting brick walls on the other. The front right hand side plastic slider is the other item I need. Can't even seem to find a second hand one. While chasing the impossible I may as well ask if a new handle can be obtained as well.

By Mark on Unrecorded Date:

Ahhhh yes............I too have been searching for the two piece gasket for my 84 GTV6 sunroof. No luck however. Maybe some of you lucky people that have dealers still can ask about availability in your countries? I would even take one off a parts car! The sunroof droops a bit in the rear also

By Mark on Unrecorded Date:

I replaced my sunroof gasket 20 minutes ago! Okay, so I got a used one from Larry Dickman at Alfa Parts Exchange Maybe you can get everything from him shipped at somewhat low cost. It was the only thing I could find and I've been looking for over a year!

By Brian Teoh (Brian) on Unrecorded Date:

Help, Does anyone know what the plastic runners/sliders look when new? Also, there's four sliders that are attached to the metal part of the sunroof but two are shorter. Can anyone tell me whether the shorter ones are located in the front or vice-versa?
The other two of the six sliders are located on a metal strip attached to the headlining. On inspection, they have a slight taper (abt. 1/2 inch long) on one corner and on the diagonal opposite, they have a slight v-shape grove 1/4 inch long. Is this normal or excessive wear on the sliders? Thanks for any info.

By burger on Unrecorded Date:

has anyone had problems with sunroof drains?my car floods in the rain unless parked with the nose pointing uphill. i`ve tried to have them blown out,but no luck.

By burger on Unrecorded Date:

after further searching,ihave found the answer to my previous question.thanx mike.i have 3 us spec. GTV6s here in N.S. can. an 84 with 23000 ORIGINAL ! miles and an 86 with 59000. i`m slowly working to make them both perfect.

By tav on Unrecorded Date:

burger,when you remove the stoneguards at the rear of each front mud guard,I am sure you will find 20 years of road grit.Inside this will be the ends of your sunroof drains.Easy job to clear them.

By AndersSommer on Unrecorded Date:

The rubber gasket on the sunroof is worn on my 84 gtv6. How can i replace this gasket and where (in europe) can i bye a new one!


By Anonymous on Unrecorded Date:

Replacing this gasket around the sunroof means you have to remove the headliner to get to the underside of the roof. I have heard the gasket for the 164 and Milano will work, not exactly the same 2 piece gasket but works. This gasket doesnt keep all the water out, your drain hoses are for that, the gasket is supposed to help with the wind noise and "some" of the water(that's why it has a felt type covering)............

By AndersSommer on Unrecorded Date:

Headliner? What is that? I am from Denmark, so i dont know the word headliner!

By John in Denver on Unrecorded Date:

The "headliner" is the piece of material that covers the inside of the roof.... it "lines" the "head" of the car, thus "headliner".

By gernot.werner on Unrecorded Date:


At the sliding roof of my GTV6 -1984 a metall piece has broken- does anybody have a wreck with an sliding roof for spare parts??

By gernot.werner on Unrecorded Date:

I have now disassembled the sliding roof of my 1984 GTV- The manufacture of the sliding roof is
GOLDE- does onyone knew something of these company??.

The sliding block operated by the cable of the right passenger side has brocken - where can I get these part-
greetings from Austria

By paul uk on Unrecorded Date:

Hi all,
I am currently breaking a GTV6 (82) with a very good sun roof loads of other spares avalable if anyone is interested they can contact me at


By alfakid on Unrecorded Date:

Hi all, i am currently in search of the original sun roof seal shich sits around the edge of the sun roof, the seal that has the felt on it. I believe that AR no longer makes them. Please help!!!!! I have tried everywhere and no one can help. I am from Australia. Also the sponge type rubber which sits on the back of the sun roof!!!!

By alfakid on Unrecorded Date:

Hi all, i am currently in search of the original sun roof seal shich sits around the edge of the sun roof, the seal that has the felt on it. I believe that AR no longer makes them. Please help!!!!! I have tried everywhere and no one can help. I am from Australia. Also the sponge type rubber which sits on the back of the sun roof!!!!

By alfakid on Unrecorded Date:

Burger yeas yeas and yes!! An easy way to un block them is to blow compressed air in the drain holes when the sun roof is open. You will then see mud and grime come out from under the front guards!!!

By Nick Myles on Unrecorded Date:

Just be a little carefull about blowing compressed air down the drain holes to clear the tubes. To much and the plastic tubes can fly off where they meet the metal drain holes and believe me this is the biggest pain in the ass to rectify. We had a customer who did this and brought it in to be fixed and anyway just let me say you dont want to have to do this job.

By Anonymous on Unrecorded Date:

Use the seal from a milano or 164, not the same but it works.

By David on Unrecorded Date:

Use a length of thick weed trimmer line to clear the drain holes. Heat the cut end with a match to smooth the cut end. This stuff is flexible and won't damage the plastic tube as it goes around bends etc.

By paul uk on Unrecorded Date:

Hi all,
If anyone is interested I am currently breaking an 82 GTV6 with sun roof and some very good body panels and mechanics i can be reached at

Cheers all

Paul uk

By Anonymous on Saturday, July 05, 2003 - 09:41 pm:

The rear edge of my sunroof droops slightly after re-instalation even with the latch closed.Does anyone know how to fix this problem?
No parts are missing or broken.
New Zealand.

By Bill Hardison on Tuesday, September 23, 2003 - 12:28 pm:

HELP - i have a 86 GTV6 with a sunroof problem. The plastic handle broke where it engages the closing controls. The rear edge of the sunroof will not rise to seal with the roof. The sunroof is now inoperable and is sealed with wood wedges. It does not leak but cannot be opened. Can it be fixed with a new handle or must all the closing controls be replaced. Where does on find the parts?

By Rob Telford (Rob) on Tuesday, September 23, 2003 - 02:33 pm:

Indeed... I have cracked the plastic surround for the sunroof locking leaver (near where the leaver pivots); my roof still works but the crack is getting worse. Is it still possible to get parts for these things?

By Mark on Wednesday, September 24, 2003 - 11:56 am:

My sunroof does the same thing, if I push up on the back of the panel from the inside before I latch it it'll stay closed evenly. Try that and see if it works for you....

Mark in Kentucky

By chood on Thursday, September 25, 2003 - 08:39 am:

I've had a problem with mine also, to the point that I have it shut now and I think that I'll leave it that way.... Especially since the ole buggy has more pressing needs....
If some one comes up with some replacement parts, ??? I would expect that used ones would not be that much better.

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