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By Julian on Unrecorded Date:

Guys- I am pleading for any experience-
Rain in sydney has been rather heavy lately, and I dont not own a garage- so my car is parked out the front of my house under a cover which generally keeps it away from sun, and stops the paint from fading, but with the heavy rain lately, the water has been hitting down pretty hard, and on Saturday, I discovered that my car had been leaking water- the passenger and driver side footwells were wet as were the mats, and I am at a loss as to where it could have come from- perhaps the bailey channel rubbers on the door between the sheetmetal and window?- I dont know- anyone had any experience?

By Gerry (24-25-215-239.san.rr.com - on Unrecorded Date:

Do you have a sunroof?

By Julian (gw.jpalmer.com.au - on Unrecorded Date:

Yep- but its not leaking.

By Greg Gordon on Unrecorded Date:

Julian, does your car have rust around the windshield? It is not uncommon for cars to rust out under the windshield. This usually results in water getting into the car when it rains. The sunroof drains into the area just aft of the right wheel well. A combination of clogs and rust in that area could cause water to get into the right side footwell. I think this is what Gerry is thinking.

By Keith ( - on Unrecorded Date:

I have just repaired the rust in my floors and have been checking for small water leaks before putting the interior back in the car. I have found that the doors leak from behind the door panels because stereo speakers had been installed incorrectly, the water barrier had been cut and not repaired. I will not be putting speakers back in the doors!!
Also water leaks in from very hard rain by running down the hoses and cables that pass thru the firewall (bulkhead). Make sure the sealant on these is good and tight.
The last place is side vents in the dash (if you dont have tropic air). These can leak if the seals are not good to the firewall area.
All these are small and easy to fix.

By Gerry (sempra3-4-ext.sempra.com - on Unrecorded Date:

Thanks Greg, that is where I was going with it. When my passenger side, front drain was blocked, the water ended up on the passenger side floor pan with no indication from the roof. Took me quite a while to figure out.

By Anon (host62-7-48-243.btinternet.com - on Unrecorded Date:

My GTV6's ecu used to get half way full of rain water then suddenly start running very miserably. the culprit was the front windscreen, since then i have always checked all gtv's for this problem.
I seems a likely culprit from my experience if it is of any help.

By Julian (gw.jpalmer.com.au - on Unrecorded Date:

Thanks a heap guys- Im gonn acopy this page and go home and have a thorough pour all over it- I think gerry is right about the firewall and the hoses running through it to behind the dash- I think that could be a serious contender- though I wont overlook rust on the windshield lower sill- cheers again all

By Anonymous (coasit-au-lei-5.coasit.org.au - on Unrecorded Date:

Julian, check the hose that drains the cavity below the wipers..If the seal is gone on the white fitting, the water runs down the firewall and into the car through the rubber gromets for the looms. Also found that behind the kickpanel there are some rubber plugs that were not on my car,a 2.0l , at the time. This fed water straight on to the floor of the car. Also the door rubber on the bottom of the door sill. Ive seen these fill with water and leak into the car at the foreward cormer of the door. As you can see, water leaks give me the shytes!!!! good luck

By Anonymous on Unrecorded Date:

I know Alfas hate water but there are days where I have no choice but to leave it out in the rain.

I have a 1985 gtv6 / no sun roof. My baby leaks! When I wash or leave in it the rain a small amount of water will builds up on both floors of the driver and passenger side. I have checked both doors and there clean as a whistle! (no leakage) I also checked the front windshield rubber for cracks and discovered nothing... eh! I have concluded that the water seems to leak from the firewall down onto the floors from somewhere...??? from reading the above information people have posted I have learned it could be from my windshield wipers!?!?! (there is no rust around the windshield wipers.) Could it be from the hose that drains the cavity below the wipers!?!?!

How do I get to that "HOSE"?
Is it hard to do?
Do I have to remove my hole dash bored to get to the "HOSE"??
That air-vent looking thing in front of the wipers... I tried to UN-screw the three screws to remove the vent and was not successful!
What Do I do?
How do i get to that seal?
Is there anyother place where water can be leaking from? if so how do i fix it?

By Anonymous on Unrecorded Date:

Looks like you are "HOSE"ed.

By george on Unrecorded Date:

Im having the same problem, im getting a bit of water in really heavy rain and it seems to be leaking under the dashboard i have my suspicions that it might have rusted through under the dash and is taking water.

By David on Unrecorded Date:

The drain for the air vents is in the engine compartment. The hose is connected to a white nylon fitting riveted to the bottom of the vent chamber. Take this hose off and make sure it is clear. I think you will find rust holes along the rear seam of the vent as this is where the water runs to the centre and is inside the car. You can see this seam if you look up under the dashboard near the glovebox or remove a couple of guages.

One thing I have found very usefull for cleaning sunroof drain hoses and others is a length of fairly thick weed trimmer line. It is strong enough to clear debris and is very flexible. Also it doesn't tend to poke holes in drain tubes like wire. You can even heat up the end to make a hook if required.

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